Yesterday, I went to my nearest Fantastic Sams for a what could have just been a trim, but it ended up being a complete hair cut. I truly wanted to part with a few inches of my natural hair weeks ago. It took me spending over three hours flat ironing my hair to see that my healthy hair practices had paid off. I now wonder why so many people awe over long natural hair, but what about aweing over healthy hair?

I have been natural for 4 years and 5 months as of May of this year. I have done sooo much to my hair in 4 years and tried so many bold and daring hair colors, that I wanted to go into my fifth year of being natural with shorter & just bold black hair.

My plum colored hair 2012.

To be honest, I never kept my hair jet black longer than six months. I must say that I am very proud that the color fanatic in me has taken a chill break, and a well deserved one at that!

Yesterday, I wanted to part ways with majority of my length (3-4 inches of length if you are wondering.) As I watched my hair fall to the floor beneath my salon chair, I smiled. I was feeling invigorated. I had image in my mind, of what my naturally curly hair would look like once it is completely reverted back. I know I will be rocking an edgy and very sassy chic TWA in a few weeks that will compliment my high cheekbones. I don't want to hide behind my hair this summer. I want to embrace my facial features and see how long my hair will grow yet again. Think of it as a five month hair challenge of months of fun! ( I know that I do.) I actually feel more confident after this haircut too.

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There are countless of young girls and older women who get scared to embrace short hair. I was once one of them, who hated how my hair looked when I was growing my natural hair out. Then within a year of being natural, I stopped worrying about, if my natural hair looks "long enough."

Often times in life, we may find ourselves comparing our journeys to others people's journeys; no matter what in what area it can be in life. We may compare our finances, education level, career or job, house/home, our family's, cars, and even our very own hair care journey to someone else. You have to remember anyone can have a misfortune and setbacks in life. 

A lot of you know or heard the saying, "You can get it just how you lost it." 

The saying is true, indeed. Growth takes time and trying rush to get to the top won't get you there any quicker than the next person. Enjoy your time, while you're elevating to a higher level. You don't have to dose off and forget where and what you are trying to accomplish. I hope to inspire someone today from reading my post. Don't allow your current situation to feast on your happiness and eat at your peace of mind. For me, hair is just hair; it will always grow back. Check out my latest YouTube video about my hair.

Remember to keep God first in your life and everything that you do, and the results shall follow.

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