Falling for the right guy and having him actually feel the same way about you is very difficult to discover nowadays. If we cut the bullshit and stop trying to sugar coat lies about how 'us women' made it like this, then we could truly be enlightened from these six reasons why it is so hard to find a good man.

1. We have too many options. 

I am not going to say that, something is wrong with having options, at all. But, what I will say is that any guy can download a dating app and have countless women to select from. With so many dating apps and sites, a man can have his cake trying to get with you and eat it too by finding his taste in another woman. 

2. Marriage is not a reality for some men. 

Some men find settling down a fairy tale, and they feel like they can have a piece of ass anytime they make a quick phone call or text to a woman. A lot of men have heard stories about how the sex dies down once you get married and a lot of married women lose that spark in bed. Many men get brainwashed about being a single man is fewer problems. You would probably never say 'I Do' to the man who still wants to have his way with other women. 

3. Some men are intimidated by your success or how you carry yourself. 

You have a lot going for yourself right now. You are a goal achiever. You dress with style and grace. Many men will admire you from afar but would get cold feet to ask you out. There are men who haven't experienced your type of 'independent woman.'

4. He doesn't want to play step-daddy, right away. 

There are countless men who are imitated of a woman who has a child or has children. Some men don't feel comfortable taking on the role of being a father figure in your child or children's lives. Even if the man or some men or interested in you they will probably see your kids as a red flag standing in the way of them getting to you. 

5. They think someone better will come along.

Don't roll your eyes, girl. I'm just letting you know that some guys are still holding on to that little grain of hope that they will find 'the perfect woman.' At this time in their lives, that perfect woman lives in their imagination or is probably someone they think they will meet after dealing with you.

6. Some men have high standards too. 

I'm just going to keep it all the way real with you and say to my 'black sista's' that not every man is going to find you attractive if you are walking around in public with your satin bonnet on your head, all times of the day! I'm not throwing no shade. I'm just saying if you are wanting to find love then you can bump into your soul mate at the car wash. 

I understand that if a guy really likes you he will take you as you are, but just think about your appearance before you step out the door. Take care of yourself and nurture your glow from within. Never stop educating yourself or dumb yourself down for anyone. Surround yourself around friends that carry themselves with respect. A man can have high standards just as we women do. 

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