He took your love and your time for granted. The relationship is said and done. Time has healed your heart, and love songs have helped ease your pain. But, now all of a sudden, while you're in the midst of getting your life together, he is trying to find himself back into your life, bed, and between your legs. Here go my eight signs that your ex is going to come running back to you... 

1. He realizes he lost a good woman.

He finally took the time out to think about you and the amazing qualities. At this point in his life, he wants to rekindle what you both once shared. He misses how you use to carry yourself, treat him, and put up with his extra (b*llsh#t), unlike other girls.  

2. He secretly stalks your social networks and sees you are moving on. 

Once upon a time, he never imagines seeing you without him. Your independence and self-appreciation are probably glowing through your photos on your Instagram & Facebook. He now wants to find out how good you are really doing, just from seeing your status and photos! 

3. His family or even friends have been asking about you. 

Even though you and him broke-up, his family or even friends probably seen your awesome qualities and have been asking about you. His family or friends may think that you guys made a cute couple or miss seeing you with him at get-togethers. If they really enjoyed seeing your face, then 9 times outta' 10, they are questioning him about you!

4. He apologized for what happened. 

He no longer wants to blame you for your actions. He is accepting everything that had happened and is owning up to it. This apology may have taken him some time to owe on to give you. Don't let him finally feeling 'sorry' be such an easy way to let him back in. 

5. He still has your number on his phone.

Even though y'all are no longer a couple, he still keeps your number saved on his phone. He knows that he can still try to talk to you 'just as friends' for advice. Don't end up being that late-night booty call whenever he gets horny. He misses you and still wants to be a part of your life, even if it's just with a phone call or a text to see how you are doing.

6. His new girlfriend, fiance, or wife, doesn't compare to you.

There have been days or are still days that he realizes how much his current girl doesn't hold a flame to you. She is maybe money-hungry, lazy, unmotivated to achieve, and even set goals. He finally realizes that you had something going for yourself and that you are so much better than his current girl. He wants to win your ear back to complain about his new girl to you. 

7. You use to take care of him. 

You may use to wash his clothes, help him pay bills, or run important errands for him. He will try to get you back in his life to help him pick up where y'all left off. 

8. You was his #WCW on Instagram (Woman Crush Wednesday) 

It may seem very corny to some folks, but he truly admires not only your outer beauty but your intellect. The good times you both shared together replays in his memory every time he sees a photo of you. He loved you, and he still is willing to have you by his side and not just on his Instagram followers feed. 


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