The month of July isn't even over as of today. So much has happened in these past two weeks that it has been mind blowing. The day that I started my job my husband lost his. Yes, God moves in mysterious ways. (I will touch on this more.) I am now in my second week of being at my new job. It took me three days into my new job to truly realize that I won't be constantly making any hot coffee or mopping sales floors during the late afternoon hours. The need to clean and hop on the register has ceased. I last week I had to accept the change and the blessing that God has given me.

It may just seem to most people that just getting down on your knees to pray, is for the weak. But my prayer life has truly changed my outlook and my walk with Christ. I was scared starting a new job, because I already was use to where I use to be. Even though I was excited my nerves were still trying to get the best of me. But with faith and prayer my days at my new job were enlightening. I thought about what my mother use to say.

She use to always tell me, 
"To let it go and pray."

 There were people that were removed from my life swiftly and professionally just from letting go. I never looked back or questioned anyone from wronging me or wanting to leave my life. They were some of the same people who I thought would be in my life for more than just the time they stayed. However, my walk with God only became stronger. Every step that I took with Him was new and renewed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. I asked Jesus to renew my mind, thoughts, and visions. It didn't take me long to see people for who they tried portrayed to be. I was seeing people for how they value themselves and for their substance. I took this saying and applied it to possible friendships in the making. I started to evaluate the people in my life and seeking my values.

One question, I was asking myself about the people who were in my life was,
 "Are the people in my life team players or squatters?" 

Majority of the people that were in my life and in on my contact list in my phone were indeed squatters. They were just taking a seat watching and trying to find out my next move. They didn't give a damn about me on a true friendship level. My eyes were opened spiritually and physically.

I knew it was time to learn to let go and move on.

And I did just that. I moved on and let them squatters watch my moves from the sidelines.

Then just last week, the same day I started my job my husband was fired from his job (and given his walking papers.) Being the woman and wife that I am, I placed my excitement to the side about my new job and took on my husband's frustrations. He vented his heart out to me, and I gave him my full attention as well as my word. I told him that even though we been praying, we have to pray right now when it may feel like it's the hardest time to pray. We prayed and talked to God together for the rest of the night in bed side-by-side.

The power of prayer and having the faith the size of a mustard seed is real. Within a matter of four days, my husband landed a job interview and I was beyond happy. He was speechless and very optimistic about his future. What if I told you that my husband will be starting his new job tomorrow?

Believe me when I tell you that prayer changes things as well as people. Change from prayer doesn't happens over night either. Being thankful for your struggle no matter how it may make you take you from out of your comfort zone and even make you uncomfortable.

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Take some time to answer these questions.
  How strong is your faith today? 
If God took everything away from you, would you still praise and love Him the same way? 
When was the last time you thanked God for everything He has stored upon and in your life?
Are you truly grateful for the life you are living or are you just complaining?

Hezekiah Walker -Gratefulness

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