If someone would have asked me when I was around the age of sixteen where would I be at 24? I honestly would have said, "Hopefully, living." You see when I was sixteen years old I was suicidal. Everything in my life did not seem right. I hated the young girl I was, and I damn sure did not believe that I would be here today. I am now 24 years old, however on a Saturday afternoon after 5:30 pm back in the year 1993 that's when I came into this world kicking! My life had a purpose. God had a purpose for me to be here. 

There's a saying that goes, "Life is not a gift and tomorrow is not promised."  My take on the quote is to live a life that is purpose filled. Do not ever take your gift of life for granted. There is someone as you read this post who is taking their last breaths. There is someone who can not find the strength to move from their bed from an illness or condition. I choose to be happy. But I did not choose to wake myself up this morning and create this post. Jesus is the reason.

 I owe it all to Him. At the age of 23, I achieve many goals and learned many life lessons off of social media and the camera. I celebrated my three-year marriage anniversary with my husband with no photos. I decided to take my life off of social media and place it more in God's hands and in words on the pages of my notebook. At 23, I lost a lot of so-called friends. So-called friends that did not even knew how silently and gracefully I cut them off. 

I adjusted my crown at 23 that damn near fell off during the middle of last year. I went from working in a gas station scrubbing toilets, gas pumps, and mopping floors to handling a lot of the same people's transactions at as a bank teller for those who use to think of me as a custodian. Talk about His FAVOR! All in all, I would not change a thing.

I went from taking a taxi to work to Ubering. Lol. I still did not get a car, however, my pride has never been too strong to not walk to work. I can even say that at 23, I was even told by my boss that I should resign from my job title as a bank teller. You can even read about that here! Chile, people still to this day have written me off as something silly. 

Yet, I still smile! Let me tell you, there is so much more to me than what people see. At 24, my goals are even clearer. I have a strong determination to grow as a young black woman. I grind now to show all of my sisters that change is possible. Coming from a girl who grew up in a slave shack of a house that she called a home in a small town of Napoloeonville, Louisiana. 

I went from being teased throughout my years of living in a cut-throat town to being a city girl. I have a lot of more blessings to live to see. I'm sitting in my bed smiling from ear to ear. Thinking about how one day, I will be famous! Give or take it some years, the grind and the hustle that I put into my dreams will pay off. At 24, I already feel like a National Best Selling Author. Mark my words honey, just like Steve Harvey said back in 2009, "God is not through with me yet." I am thankful. I even launched this blog when I was 23. Thank you so much for reading queen or king! Until the next blog post.

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  1. I'm so glad your still here with us cause lord knows, I need all the help I can get for my hair. That smiling face made me feel like I was worth. Keep up the good work on your channel. I WILL Be watching.