Dear, Baby Hurd

As of today, I am nine weeks and three days pregnant. I am basically three days’ past being three months pregnant with you. Right now, you are the size of a green olive. I have been back to the doctor ever since, the last update and I had an ultrasound. Mommy will explain to you when you get here and can understand what an ultrasound is too, so don’t be confused while you read this. 

My very first ultrasound was a week ago, and your father and I saw you for the very first time! I thought that I was a few days past seven weeks, but baby your mama was wrong. I was a week off with my body, but you are growing rapidly every day. 

Your father was just as excited as I was to finally see you. You look so innocent and amazing on the screen in the ultrasound room, just like you look in your ultrasound photos! Your heart beat was very strong and was going strong at 180 beats. Your heart beat brought me and your father so much joy. I still look at my stomach every day and smile.

I talk to Jesus about you. Your father touches my stomach and prays over and for you. He even kisses your ultrasound picture random times a day when he is home. 

I have been so emotional these past few weeks. I do not even know how your father deals with me. I can say that you have my hormones raging a little bit more than the food cravings. LOL!

During these past, few weeks, I have thrown up three times and two of those three times were the day of your ultrasound. I’m just going to say that you really do not like for mama to go to hard with her water intake on an empty stomach too! LOL! 

Your father and I have been trying to get on the same page with understanding that your life entering not just the world, but our world will change in a few months. Becoming a mother is new to me just like it is for him. We have no clue what to expect. 

We have been bumping heads and trying to find common ground under the same roof. To be real baby, mama is overwhelmed. I feel like I need to just take this pregnancy day by day. I think about how I am going to help your father provide a great life for you and tears start streaming down my face.

I am motivated to go harder than ever. Things between your father and I are very shaky. I sometimes found myself to blame for being the issue in our marriage. I want you to know that no one’s relationship or marriage is perfect.

 However, your father and I love each other very much, we just have not been seeing eye to eye, and I have been crying and finding myself deep in prayer. We will make it though this slightly tough time to both love you unconditionally.

I do not wish to lie or sugar coat my reality at all. I want you to know the truth. I love you and I will keep praying that these days and weeks of growing your amazing self are just as great. 30 weeks and 3 days until I see your face!

Love always,
Your mother.
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  1. Honey the relationship may be rocky, your emotions are high but as long as you keep God as a constant in your life, the bond will only get stronger. Instead of arguing listen intently and only respond with positive. If there is no positive within the moment, stay silent and revisit the issue when you can be positive.

    1. Thank you so much for your advice! I truly needed it and appreciate your advice! Thank you!

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