Have you ever looked at your paycheck from your 9 to 5 job and wondered, “What in the hell is this?” You have basically busted your ass the entire pay period with no days off and your paycheck or even direct deposit after taxes felt like a damn insult. Then reality hits you. You rethink your negative way of thinking because you know that you have things to take care of and bills that are due. I can honestly say that I know the feeling. Let me say that it did not take just a couple of months working a job to make ends meet to make me realize my passion and my self-worth. 

I used to clock on to jobs in the past and have mangers who had nasty attitudes. I’m talking about the type of attitudes that made you just want to say, “I’m just going to clock out for the day.” Plus, you are not even 20 or 30 minutes into your damn shift! Chile, when I tell you after sometimes a shift with mangers who just made you feel like you were beneath them, you go home to get in the shower or bathtub and cry. (Well, that's what I use to do.)

You cry because of the sh*t you must go through to make a damn innocent living and you’re just not a quitter (well, you need the money, so you refuse to quit right away.)

I learned back then and still is learning that when you work a 9 to 5 there will always be bitter people who clock onto that same clock as you for a paycheck.

You do not have to feel like you are just living paycheck to paycheck unless you allow yourself to. It took for me to really dive into my passions to help me keep my damn sanity at many of my past jobs. I knew since I was in third grade and this was in 2003 that I was placed on this earth to write. I fell in love with self-expression at an early age and writing became my passion while learning English. Back then, I made a vow to myself to never stop chasing my dream of becoming a professional writer and author. 

Within my teenage years, I started to learn more about hair care from hair care magazines and online research. Before I even graduated from high school, I launched my YouTube channel with intentions of being a rapper that turned into a natural hair product reviewer and within a couple of years, I found that niche. Plus, an extra source of income from AdSense.

My niche was not just buying hair products and reviewing them to save people coins and other similar things like that. My niche became selling and marketing as well. 

However, a year and a half ago when I became a bank teller I learned that I was not good at selling and pitching checking accounts, savings accounts, and even credit cards. I knew that it made me feel uncomfortable and the 9 to 5 job was not for me. I was thankful that the turnover rate at my bank was not very high, because due to my lack of selling I could have been out the door just months after landing the job and passing teller school.

I said everything that you just read, because I understood my self-worth. I am a young black female millennial hustler. Even though, I’m currently not clocking onto any one’s job for a check, I know that I will be right back at it in another year or two once I get balancing motherhood down and can afford daycare for my son (when he arrives.)  

I am not too proud to work a 9 to 5 while grinding for my dreams. I honestly can not see myself employed and slaving for anyone’s company later in my life. I do not even know how much time God has given me to live here on this earth. All I know is that my message to you is never stop going hard for your vision. 

Chase your damn dreams without thoughts of running out of breath. If you are clocking onto someone’s clock to make ends meet, remember your self-worth. Value your passions in life and make your future self, proud. Therefore, I started this website, because it’s not about that pot of gold that they say is at the end rainbow. It’s about the storm that created something so damn beautiful in the end. 

When you make it from the bottom, just imagine how it feel... Ace Hood 

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