38 Weeks Pregnant | LIFE UPDATE

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, October 16, 2017

Someone’s puff done got snatch, because I only have 1 week and a few days left until my due date. God only knows if I will be overdue and if I will have to be induce as the days approach on by. I feel damn good. Your girl is really embracing her pregnancy journey. 

So much has happened throughout this entire pregnancy and basically within these past nine months that it is mind blowing. According to my The Bump app my baby boy is about the size of a winter melon and that’s around 19.6 inches and 6.61 pounds. 

Last time, I weighed on the scale I was nice 210 pounds with a healthy glow to match. To be real, my entire pregnancy has given me so much courage and inner strength to take better care of myself and chase my dreams.

I won’t lie I have been putting off things when it comes to drafting out a new book or two, but I know when the time comes to see my baby boy for the first time I will be inspired to keep going. Things in my marriage have been going fine. Even though my husband and I don’t take many photos together to display our love for one another, we are solid more than ever. 

Of course, we have or ups and our downs too, especially when I have slight breakdowns or think I have an epiphany about the future and it isn’t too bright. I know that this is also a challenging time for him now too, since I am no longer working and things aren’t as 50 50 as they were months ago.

Do I miss working? Hell, yeah, but at the cost of my own sanity and my baby, I’m not shook or pushed enough to go back into my 9 – 5 days. Yes, I do miss seeing my paychecks and feeling rewarded when those deposits would hit my checking account too. I’m honestly giving those thoughts to God. 

I am allowing him to direct my footsteps throughout this entire change. I love having my own money. I’m a very i-n-d-p-e-n-d-e-n-t woman at the heart and no one will ever change that trait about me. I believe that I will have things in the works with my books next year, and that thought alone gives me an inner peace.

As of today, I am just being patient with myself and as well as when my baby wants to come into this world. I’m excited and still thanking God that he chosen for me to experience pregnancy and soon motherhood. I want to thank you so much for reading and I cannot wait to update you very soon.

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  1. very motivational and inspiring blog you have shared,you gave us precious and very valueable advices about life.i am really impressed.keep it up.