In honor of my 25th birthday which is tomorrow. I wanted to do this special dedication blog post. I have been blogging on this site since 2016. I never thought about giving myself credit for all the many mile stones I have crossed in life. Allow for me to share with you the 24 things that I have learned in 24 years before turning 25 years old. Let's get it!

1.  Praying will save you from deep depths of depression. 

2. You can't vent to the people you think you're the closest to.

3. Write it out or record yourself venting.

4. You will lose hella so-called friends.

5. Keep a planner and always use it. 

6. Stack your money.

7. Treasure the time that you still have with your mother and never take it for granted. 

8. That job that you're constantly stressing about is only temporary. Remember and believe that. 

9. You make the struggle look beautiful. 

10. Dropping your nickname will be one of the best decisions you ever made. 

11. Becoming a mother will change your outlook on every area of your life.

12. You will get it accomplished. Stop trying to rush what God has set out for you.

13. You can never plan for life. Just let life happen and trust in God. 

14. You are not what people call you, but what you answer to. 

15. Being a bank teller will teach you a lot about knowing how to handle the money that God has yet to bless you with.

16. Always keep open lines of communication with your husband no matter what. 

17. Let folks talk. Keep pushing and getting better.

18. You must brand and go extremely hard for yourself. No one else will. 

19. Invest in quality life, health, and dental insurance. Your future self will thank you. 

20. Invest in your dreams by any means. 

21. Creating this blog will be one of best decisions that you made in a while.

22. Read more books & write more book reviews.

23. Stop holding back from telling people how you really feel. 

24. Money should never be the motivation behind your grind because it’s way deeper than that. 

Can you relate to any of my lessons learned? If so drop it in the comment box below! 

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