Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Life With Lymphedema At 25 Years Old

I have been living with lymphedema for the past 10 years. My lymphedema happened from walking on my left sprained ankle that did not heal properly. The reason why I was so anxious to start walking on my sprained foot again created the condition. I walked to and from school every weekday.

Mother's Day 5/13/18

I walked about a mile and a half back and forth because my mother didn't know how to drive. The only adult in my life during that time who stayed close enough but did not care enough to bring me to school was my auntie.

She wasn't caring nor patient with me being that I had just a sprained foot and still wanted to get my education. She stayed right next door to my house too. Chile, she never wanted to be concerned to bring me or my siblings to school. Just know if we didn't have gas money to simply go right up the street on a rainy day or being that I was on crutches she would get on our mama time for the money. We were poor, and our mama didn't work. She knew this. However, in her mind, we were using her, and her car didn't run on water.

I couldn't stand her actions or grumpiness towards me or my two siblings. I don’t blame her for my anxiousness to walk again at all. I had no choice but to force my foot to heal. It wasn't until I was around 16 years old that I realized my left foot was really starting to swell every day. My school shoes didn't fit properly and it was becoming apparent that my left foot was swelling for no reason. Of course, I showed my mama, who was in denial of my foot condition.

I swear if I could have rubbed Robitussin on my foot to make it look normal again she would have. I'm talking about the entire bottle too. Chile, my mama is and had always been nonchalant to seeing her children in pain. She always thought we were trying to fake something to get out of going to school or whatever scenario she created in her mind.

My mama cared somewhat to tell her sister (my auntie) and all she ever did was compare my foot to rising dough, that people use to make bread with. After being roasted by her, I just decided to discover self-treatment.

According to Medicinenet, lymphedema cannot be cured, but compression treatments and preventive measures for those at risk for secondary lymphedema can help minimize swelling and associated symptoms.

I know what shoes I can wear without my lymphedema looking noticeable. I also have done my own pedicures, and massages to move the lymph from my feet. As for my jobs, my lymphedema has no slowed me down. I worked retail and can stand long hours without being in pain. I am currently not taking any diuretics (since I am breastfeeding). It is also crucial for me to maintain a proper diet low in salt, high water intake, compression socks, and constant elevation are still key for me. 

My feet after a long day out & about.
I now have incorporated the dry brushing technique into my everyday routine. Since becoming a stay at home mom I can better manage my lymphedema. People have asked me who have noticed it why don't I embrace it more? On the real, I have been embarrassed for the past 10 years because of it. I cannot wear certain heels, or flats, and even clothing. I also had refrain for years taking full body pictures that even display my lymphedema that's predominantly in my left foot.

This year I have chosen to take more full body photos with even my feet on display. I am choosing to be grateful for having two feet that I can walk and stand on. I am going to make more purchases on flats and even heels. I don't have much of a show collection now, but this year I will. I am beautiful regardless of my lymphedema and other flaws.

If you're going through a tough time of self-acceptance I want to encourage you to feel beautiful. Becoming comfortable enough to face the world with your imperfections does not have to weigh heavy on your heart. Take it day by day. Know that it does take time to love and accept your flaws. Acceptance does not happen overnight. Remember that every flower needs rain to grow.

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  1. Wow I loved this post. I didn’t know you struggled with Lymphedema (that goes to show you never know what someone is going through behind social media). I’m sorry that you went through those things as a child! I’m glad that you’re starting to accept yourself and show off more, because I know it can be embarrassing. You’re beautiful and so many people are going to be inspired by what you’re doing despite the condition that you have.

    1. Thank you so much! I truly do appreciate you for reading and being so understanding. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Research black seed oil. It's a all natural oil that's helps with over 100 health issues. Try it and it may help with the swelling you have.

  3. my bday you are such an inspiration. you are a strong woman. I'm sorry you had to go through that as a child. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself the best way you know how. please research essensial oils for lymphedema.

    1. meant to say my goodness Lynda***

    2. Thank you oh so much! If I had not went through it as a child then I wouldn't be the woman that I am now. I'm just beyond thankful. I'm also going to do my research essentials oils for lymphedema as well. Thanks so much for reading and supporting me too! 💕

  4. Thank you for always being so honest your feet are beautiful and so are you continue being the humble n very encouraging person that you are I pray that God will continue to strengthen you.

    1. Thank you so much, Crystal! I appreciate you.