I’m thankful for what I have because I know that I am bless. I'm very fortunate to still be alive and well. On the days that I may feel like my back is up against a wall, I still have faith that everything will eventually be alright. I'm talking about having that mustard seed faith that keeps me spiritually grounded.

I'm praying for my steady progress in life. Last night, I woke up from a dream that slugs were all in my kitchen. I was gross out, but I wasn't scared. When I awoke the time on my Android tablet read 4:19 am. I sat up and said, “God what are you trying to get me to understand?”

I instantly went to Google. According to DreamStop: Slug Dream Symbol – Slugs in your dreams indicates that things in your life progress slowly. Do not worry. While things may be slow, everything is moving along at its own pace. There is no point being impatient. It can also mean you feel ‘sluggish’ in reality. You may need a health check. Or, it can be a warning about your lazy ways. It is time to turn your life around.

The meaning of my dream really is valid to my current life. I have been occasionally feeling like I'm not progressing towards my goals fast enough. My dream gave me a reality check for sure. I must be thankful for the progress that I have already made. Steady progress is part of the process and is better than no progress.

Plus, I have been emotionally eating for a few weeks. Just this past Friday, I felt the urge to get back into the swing of going for morning walks with my lil’ one around the park, working out, and eating better. My water intake has been increasing daily. I'm up to drinking at least 70 fluid ounces of water daily.

I'm kicking my sluggish ways to the curb and inspiring myself each day to be active just like I was before getting pregnant and during my pregnancy.

I'm thankful for my health, strength, and vision. Each day is worth living and setting new goals no matter how small those goals may seem. To be the better version of me, I must be able to stay encouraged. I'm thankful for what I have because God didn't have to love me the way that He does.

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