I never try to make people underestimate me. I just always find myself underestimated by people who compare me to others. It has happened on every job I ever held down in the last 8 years old and even now with working with brands. It’s funny to me in a way, because I always seem to have the last laugh in the end. 

These days people who have no idea how hard I hustle. I don’t think of my come up and my last laugh as having the sweetest revenge. I rather think of my come up and my last laugh as growth. When people underestimate me because of favoritism towards someone else they have mentally deemed my competition I take time to study every angle. I gather my approach to my come up and keep things pushing.
I used to be the type of girl phased by someone’s lack of confidence in me. I have never been an ass kisser, so I never tried to brownie up anyone into believing in me. You see I know my worth. Even today with working with brands I value my worth. I know I am not the only girl that a brand is seeking for exposure. I’m good with that. 

Why one may ask? I know what I truly want to do with my God-given talents. I want to be an author. I also want to be a public speaker. I will be a national best-selling author and even though it may not look that way to outsiders I know in my soul what I am destining to do and be.
When it comes to this hair model thing I enjoy the experience. What a lot of brand ambassadors that have worked as hair models won’t tell you is that it comes with an expiration date. I’m sure not trying to be an asset to brands that do not value me and what I know I can offer them. I rather do what I love any day and building MY OWN BRAND. 

I love being the underdog. There’s a certain type of contentment that comes from knowing I will eventually come out on top.
It is crucial to understand that you must keep striving towards your dreams and brush off any negative vibes that may try to weigh you down. DO not become a victim of how people may perceive or label you. You are much stronger than they think. You are resilient. You must believe that you are confident enough to accomplish your dreams. Underestimation will not stop you from being great!
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