It’s July and I came into this month with prayer. June was mentally exhausting for me. My faith was shaken. Some weeks I felt like I lacked direction. There were days that I reminded myself that it is okay to rest. It’s okay to stop and smell the flowers. Just remember to keep going.

We can be our own biggest critics. We can convince ourselves that we don’t need to rest in order to accomplish our goals. We can overwork. Overthink and lie to ourselves in order to keep up with the life and lifestyle we desire to come quickly. 

Remember everyone blooms during different seasons. Continue to nurture and feed your spirit, soul, and mind. 

The blessings that have not manifested in your life are still your blessings! The lessons that you will learn along the way are still going to impact your life. It all takes time. 

Be good to yourself. For I do not know what you may be going through I still pray for everyone who reads my blog posts. There’s a breakthrough with your name on it. There’s a door coming in your near future that’s going to be assigned for you to walk through.

Don’t give up on yourself. That dream you have is possible. Being a mother has given me so much motivation to persevere. Being a child of God has given me the willingness to grow my faith. This month will bring along blessings untouched and unseen by man. 

Smile, nurture and grow within your faith. You deserve to after all you have been through.

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  1. Wow, this message was so timely for me! You are so right, I just need to continue to trust God and hold on to my peace while I move towards my breakthrough. May God richly bless you, your family and your blog Linda!

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! Yes, hold on to your peace and you will make it towards your breakthrough! I appreciate you so much!

  2. Amen, what an inspiring post! As I step out to get back to blogging and making youtube videos again, this came right on time. I am going to keep on pushing. I am excited for what GOD has for me. And for you! Thank you for the on time encouragement.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I'm so happy that I can be an encouragement to you during your journey! God will be working in your favor as always as you accomplish your goals. May God continue to bless and guide you.

  3. Bless you woman of God I admire you so much and have been inspired by you funny enough I started following you when I discovered you were pregnant with Eli and coincidentally we share the same birthday I'm trying to subscribe my email but not going through I'll send it to you via Instagram ok love you sis blessings all the time.