Some folks would be surprised to know that there are people who are in a secret competition with them. The plot twist is that they are still losing the competition they mentally created with you. There are also people that love to compare their growth to others in their niche. For me, the goal is to outdo me!

I love to take my time and create my short and long term. The best part about creating attainable goals for the day, week, month, or year is that they are my own. It gives me something to keep me challenged.

I also encourage everyone to keep a journal. For those who don’t write a voice, a journal may the best route to go. I have been keeping a digital journal for one year successfully. Every morning after praying I read or listen to my digital journal entry from last year. I also look at the photos saved to the entry if they are any.

There have been moments I get overwhelmed in tears from reading my journal entry. It makes reflecting on how far I have come even more sentimental. Your growth should always be celebrated like your birthday or an anniversary that’s dear to you. Well, that’s just how I feel.

You did not come this far to just get this far. There are goals I’m sure you are trying to get knocked out as you read this. I’m sure you have been trying to keep a positive attitude. I’m sure you want to outdo your past self too.

You can achieve anything you set your focus on with persistence. Listen to your body and refuel and rest as often as possible. Stay on top of your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Go out for a walk as often as possible.

Don’t allow negativity from anyone or from yourself talk you into any sort of procrastination. I hope you value yourself enough to not give up on you. There’s someone who needs what you have to put out here into the world.

Question: Are you willing to go the extra mile to blow your own mind?

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