You might not think much of how social media could be having a negative impact on how you are currently feeling. However, it's vital to always pay attention to how what you see on your social media feeds is making you think. A simple post from someone you may follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can cause you to feel down about your current situation or how you view yourself. Here are 6 signs that social media could be mentally draining you.

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You become upset because of the number of likes you received because (it was not enough.)

If you are the type of person who continually refreshes your page to see how many likes you have received, then you should give yourself a break. Whether or not someone likes your photo, video, or post, it does not increase or decrease the value of your worth. Instead of checking on “the likes,” let your post do what it does and respond back to any comments you receive at least 30 minutes to an hour later. (Sometimes, I just allow my post to sit for hours before returning back to comments or mentions for my mental health.)

You feel as if you must post as regularly as possible.

I understand how it feels to not have content to post on your page daily or weekly. However, you should not give social media a priority in your life and make it feel as if you’re not active enough online. I have watched many influencers complain to their following about not having photos or videos to post and how they feel bad about not having microwave content. 

It’s draining for me to watch them complain about not having content, and I am a content creator myself. If people genuinely support, they will be patient with your content and uploads. If they aren’t patient with your content, then those are not your people. There’s no need to feel so uptight about posting daily.

You feel like you need to post certain things on your page for certain people.

Oh, you have secretly become a people pleaser because you keep a close eye on who likes or engages with certain things that you post. You choose to put off posting something that you genuinely want to post to post something that may bring more likes or engagement to your page.

You want to reinvent yourself or brand because it’s working for someone else.

Let me guess! Some people become intrigued to change their entire Instagram theme because they feel as if theirs is not as eye-catching as someone else’s. Or they may turn their full blog around because they feel as if the topics that they write about aren’t as exciting as what they see another blogger writes about. There are even people who change their entire look because they feel as if they need to fit a particular aesthetic they see on their feeds or other’s doing.

You feel left out of the loop when you see other people creating accounts on other social media platforms.  

It seems as if so many people are feeling pressured to create a TikTok account and use it! If you are scrolling on your Instagram feed and are always seeing people shimming, clapping, and dancing around just to gain a following on TikTok, then don’t only assume it’s out of boredom. Many people create accounts on different social media platforms because they don’t want to appeal as someone who is lame, doesn’t have a personality or a sense of style or rhythm. 

Sometimes those same people give themselves away by posting a very over worded caption to make it seem as if boredom had got the best of them. When in all, they felt compelled by others on social media. Friendly reminder, you do not need to be on every social media site to be recognized.

You feel as if your best is never good enough after you post.

If every time you post a new photo, video, or post and you don’t gain followers, and it upsets you, then you are allowing social media to drain you. It’s not a good feeling to beat yourself up for being so critical of your growth on social media. 

The people that need to see what you post will in due time. Plus, some of the people who like your post maybe even dragging you in Dm’s, text messages, or group chats to or with someone else. Don’t overthink what you post, and if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t post it.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you took anything away from it, feel free to let me know in the comment section below if you want to talk.

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