All my life I knew that had to be prepared unknown. Growing up in poverty as a child makes you efficient in many areas of your life. As an adult, I shop for my family and myself in bulk. When I was an adolescent my mother raised me my younger sister and brother on a set income. We saw money come on third of every month from social security and food stamps. 

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We also knew that the all money & food stamps would be gone before eight of every month. We did not have a car so we solely depended on our aunt for transportation. Our aunt who is my mother’s sister held down a nine to five and only brought us to the nearest grocery store or Wal-Mart once a month. If we did not buy what we needed the first week of the month in bulk well, we in returned suffered for the rest of the month.

When you depend on school breakfast and lunches to keep you full during the month life hits you differently. I knew that I had to learn how to budget my money better. I had to learn how to buy what I needed for the moment and even for a few weeks later. Growing up in poverty made me a smarter shopper. 

If you stay prepared, then you never have to stress about getting prepared.

I know how to boil large pots of tap water on the stove to take a bath in a pan. I didn’t take birdbaths because we didn’t have a sink, but I kept up with my hygiene. I know how to brush my teeth with a bottle of water and clean dishes in the dark without leaving them greasy. I can move around in dark rooms as if I had night vision without falling. I can survive on rice, lunch meat, grits, and sugar water for long lengths. I know how to survive and adapt to any circumstance given to me. 

You learn how to make most of your time and creativity when don’t want to worry about your shortcomings.

During this time many people are feeling afraid and unprepared because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many aisles in the grocery stores and department stores are out of toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, bread, bleach, non-perishable foods, eggs, and milk. I can go on and on about the many outages the stores have and are struggling to keep stock. 

However, I am just going to say that we will all make it through this.

In my state of Louisiana, the Corona Virus the numbers of infected individuals are rising rapidly. I am still not living in fear or indoors. I am taking this time to get fresh air, listening to audible books, working out, and reading more books to and with my toddler. I did all these things weekly even before the quarantine. I am becoming more laser-focused on what I want to accomplish during this time. I am not sitting still with my purpose. 

You shouldn’t sit still on your purpose neither.

Create an action plan. Be mindful and consistent with how you are spending your time each day. While someone in the world is binge-watching Netflix series because they are out of work and feel confide to their home. There is someone else who is their same position who is making the most of their time out of work and is coming up with an action plan. 

To treat their selves after setting out a plan with a motive then they then choose to watch a movie or a few episodes of a series on Netflix. This is the perfect time to start some at homework outs, setting more short-term goals, start reading some devotion, take time to talk to and strengthen your relationship with Christ. It starts with the willingness and ends with your consistency to desire a better outcome and mentality that you may already have.

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