At the beginning of 2020, I started overeating shortly after my 27th birthday in late January. I started giving in to many of my cravings and over-snacking while studying for my college classes. The more I gave in, the more noticeable my energy levels decreased, my breathing was heavy, and so was my menstrual cycle. What made me want to lose weight was my urge and burning desire to feel better.

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I also wanted to look better for myself. I wanted to have more energy for passionate nights with my husband and more energy to stay up with him during his late work nights. Speaking of my husband, he supported me along the way. He noticed many changes with my body even before I mentioned them. My weight loss journey has had its struggles, and here's a few things I have done to slim and tone down.

Increase my water intake slowly. 

I started with drinking 32 ounces a day. Then after one week, I increased my water intake to 64 ounces, and some days I drink even more. For me, I knew that if I started with a gallon a day, then it might have ended up being a daunting task for me to commit to daily. Therefore, drinking enough water has been keeping me hydrated and helping me to not have too much water retention. To check out the water bottle that I use from Amazon to incorporate a half a gallon of water into my body daily here. 

Commitment to working out at least 3-5 times a week

Yeah, that's right. I chose to work out 3 to 5 times a week. I understand that everybody does not have an active lifestyle that they could commit to. It takes commitment to find workouts that are suitable for what you know you can do. I found that jumping rope for 20 to 30 minutes a day was realistic for me. I also incorporated YouTube video workouts from TaeBo into my routine when I was resting from jumping rope. You can walk, jog, do a little kickboxing! Just start by doing something you can commit to doing weekly without feeling like it's going to become a chore.

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Meal replacement drinks 

I have incorporated meal replacement into my weight loss journey. My favorite Slim Fast drink of choice is SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Vanilla Cream Shake. What I have found is that replacing my breakfast or lunch with a smoothie or slim fast drink that I can curve my appetite for four to five hours. I typically have a bowl of yogurt and granola, fruit, or something light for my afternoon snack cravings. I also do not eat past 8pm, which I even what to stress because my bedtime is for 10:30pm.

Avoiding the scale as much as possible

Stepping away from the scale for a few weeks can be tough when you are just starting out with your weight loss journey. I found that staying off my scale for at least two weeks at a time has helped me not focus so much on my weight loss or gain. Sometimes checking the scale too frequently in a week's time can leave one feeling discouraged or too excited with their progress enough to slack off. Of course, these days, I instead keep a tape measure at hand more often, but it truly depends on your mindset and approach to losing weight.

Plan for and around the biggest meal of the day 

If I knew that I was going to make dinner, have a filling dinner, or even lunch, I made sure not to overeat during the day. For example, if I had a Subway sandwich for lunch and it was a foot long around 2 pm with chips and drink, then I would have something light for my dinners like a salad or smoothie before 7pm if I was still hungry and call it a night. If I wasn't hungry, then I wouldn't force myself to eat something else. I would drink my water and make myself a cup of warm tea and call it a night.

If you missed my last blog post you titled How Shifting My Mindset Has Helped Me Lose Weight you may find it helpful as many others have.

Feel free to drop any questions, comments, or concerns you may have in the comment box below. I would love to talk to you too! I hope you found my tips helpful.

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