I learned a little something in June 2021. I made it through the beginning of my last trimester of pregnancy sain and feeling better than what I did earlier during the month. I decided to create a shortlist of things stuck with me in June rather than just long hand-writing them out. Let's get into what I learned! 

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

1. Wash your face with cold water. 

2. Keep your head held high because you can still be great with a nose bleed (while pregnant). 

3. Go to bed before 11 pm and quit trying to read late. 

4. Play some music or listen to an Audible while folding clothes.

(It won’t feel like a chore while you're knocking it out.)

5. Your bedroom humidifier should run throughout the week.

6. Lay off the peanut M&M’s girl. There are better choices.

7. It’s okay to cry when you feel overwhelmed. Let it out.

8. Having a dry phone is better than having people calling and texting

you about and with drama and ish that has nothing to do with you.

9. Having tea before bed is something to look forward to. 

10. Read a Bible verse or a chapter in the Bible first thing in the morning before logging onto your social media profiles. 

 💐 Bonus: Keep cash on you at all times. There’s nothing like being able to have your own without reaching for your debit card.

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