5 Things January of 2023 Taught Me

in , , by Linda B Hurd, January 31, 2023

I don’t know about you, but my baby the month of January always packs gentle blows. It’s something about the start of the year that can leave some people feeling a little down or unsure about the next month. Striving for the better and keeping your faith strong no matter how life is coming at you is one of the keys to progress.

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Overall, the way you define the year is not based on emotion it’s based on action. Place attainable action behind your goals for this year. When I say attainable action I’m hinting toward knowing your own potential.

Harvesting your potential behind prayer and or manifestation as well as rest. Trust me, my baby you need your rest. Now let’s get into the five things (of course there was a little more) that the month of January of 2023 taught me. 

Your response holds power even if there isn’t none.

Being mindful of how you respond and approach messages or conversations gives you grace in the end. There are people who would say or do things just to see if they can trigger you to act out. Everyone doesn’t appreciate your good spirit or nature. Some people enjoy leaving or having you confused, upset, and angry. Chose peace over-explaining and even responding. 

One monkey doesn’t stop a show.

This simply means that one setback should not impede progress. This month I had a few setbacks in my life. Once I had ceased going to weekly therapy sessions I chose to spend more weekly journaling and doing something therapeutic at night once I put my kids to bed. I didn’t allow my setbacks to hold me back from realigning my goals or my ambition to achieve the life I desire.

Clean your room throughout the week

It’s no secret, I share a room with my two kids. Keeping our room clean can be a bit challenging at times. There’s only so much cleaning that I can do when they are here with me vs. when they are not with me.

I love washing our bedding weekly along with all our clothes. I mop out our room, vacuum the carpet, and dust our room out.

Baby, the sweet smell of the purple Fabloso is apparent in the air. Keeping our room clean throughout the week helps me and my kids sleep better. If our room was messy, I would be scattered-brained and unable to walk around without tripping on their toys.

This has been the month of washing, drying, and folding the clothes as soon as I get them out of the dryer. There’s no half-stepping around here. I’m preparing for our first apartment intentionally.

I’m Going To Get My Rest By Any Means Necessary 

This month I have been going to sleep around 9-10 o’clock at night. Some nights I have been falling asleep after 8pm. I won’t be pressed behind being on the phone with nobody once I lay my kids down. I was tired and I stopped trying to fight it.

I rest and I wake up refreshed. Call me a maw-maw but I’m not about to be having bags underneath my eyes for the sake of staying caking with no guy on my line. Sorry, not sorry. It’s just not that important to me.

I broke enough of my sleep last year for the sake of a relationship that fizzled out just as fast as it started. Lesson learned.

I’m only drinking my coffee for a boost of caffeine not because I’m exhausted. I don’t mind staying up late to chase my dreams of being a best-selling author, my kids, or anything else that’s genuinely worth demanding my time to neglect rest temporarily. 

Don’t apologize for saying how you feel. 

I was big on saying sorry for things I didn’t even do with bad intentions. I’m just as apologetic as it comes. I’ve always felt indifferent about accountability when it came to someone placing all the blame on me. This month I ceased apologizing for matters that were out of my hands, sight, or intentions. I let things be and people be. Whether they understood or not I wasn’t going to force my opinion on anyone or their disposition.

Take Away

What did you learn for the month of January 2023? Take time to write it down. It can be more than just five but try to narrow it down. Self-awareness looks attractive on you too! Until the next blog post if you missed my last post tap here to read it. 

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