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Girl, slow your roll because honestly becoming obsessed with any guy too damn fast is not a good thing. Women are more prone to getting 'sprung' over guys in a short amount of time. It's cute to admire how handsome, hardworking, and even funny a guy is, but don't let it keep you hypnotized. 

You sure don't want to be the one feeling played after he tells you that isn't feeling you the same way. Here are eight ways to stop becoming so obsessed with him and to slow the process down: 

1. Keep Some Of Your Life & Your Moves Private 

I understand that he really is the apple of your eye and he has you feeling even more beautiful. Just don't get comfortable, so quick with letting him know your moves, sources of income, family, and chill places. Allow for more time to pass and for more 'TRUST' to develop. 

2. Don't Stalk Him On Social Media

Of course, you have a life and hopefully hobbies besides keeping up with his daily posts, tweets, and photos. By not stalking him on social media makes you have more of a peace of mind. 

Let him do his own thing and you do yours. Put your phone down and fight the damn urge to see what he is up to; let it be a mystery to you. 

3. Don't Tell Your Friends Or Family About Him Too Soon

If you and this guy been talking for a few days, weeks, or even months, you don't have to tell them. Allow for both you and him to gain a deeper connection with one another. You never know his intentions with you and vice versa. Play it cool and keep him and the business you both share with yourself.

4. See Other Guys & Don't Drop Your Male Friends (if you have any or one) 

Only if you both aren't dating or taking things to the next level, see other guys. Have fun and experience other guys (personalities) don't go out there into the world and dibble and dabble with this guy and that one. If you have male friends don't drop them so quickly or be distant from them. Experience your freedom to date. 

5. Don't Lose Yourself 

It happens quite a bit with us women. Sometimes we can get so tied up with the idea of being someone's girlfriend that we start taking on different characteristics. Don't let any guy influence you to step out of your comfort level. 

If he wants you to do drugs or drink just to kick it with him, and you aren't comfortable with it or just doing it to make him interested in you are heading down the wrong path. Don't compromise the woman that you are and the even awesome woman that you are becoming for him. 

6. Don't Drop Everything For Him

If you go to the gym every Wednesday or go to church with your family every Sunday morning, then don't curve your plans for him. He isn't worthy of changing your weekly schedule around or demanding your time. 

7. Don't Tease Him With Sexy Photos Of Yourself

Girl, I'm sure you know better by now than to try to mentally seduce him with sexy or (nude) photos of yourself. Keep your lady parts to yourself and out of his inbox messages. 

8. Stay From Between His Sheets (or vice versa) 

You are in control of your goodies! If you guys are exclusive, yet then this truly is a tip to take to heart.  

Remember to keep God first in your life, and in everything that you do and the results shall follow! Discover your inner strength every day. Sign up for weekly email posts from this site as well. Hopefully, someone using these 8 tips wisely. 

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