My days have came to an end for working for a very popular and well-known gas station that's located in the south. I spent over one year and seven months working at a gas station, and it was indeed a very humbling expereince. On July 10th, 2016 I retired my work gear forever. Working at a gas station has changed my perception in so many ways about life and my health. Here goes just seven things that I have learned from working at a gas station. 

1. Working At A Gas Station Is A Very Demanding Job. 

There was nothing laid back about working at a gas station. At the particular gas station that I worked at there were no such thing as taking a break. We took no lunch break nor time to just get off of your feet. You were constantly moving, taking orders, detailing the store, and cleaning. Oh, yeah and cleaning.

2. If You Have A Low Tolerance Level Then This Job Isn't For You

What people don't understand about working at a gas station is that it takes a certain type of individual to do it. It takes someone who has a high tolerance for bullshit, complaints, and negative energy. People will yell at you, cuss you out, stomp all over your freshly mopped floor with muddy shoes, and people will disrespect you! If you can't take the impulsive gamblers who spend a whole lot of money on Lottery and hold your line up to the door, then this job isn't for you. You have to know how to let go and smile more than often. 

3. You Become OCD Even If You Thought You Were Before. Wash Your Hands Without Ceasing.

It didn't take me long into working at a gas station that washing your hands is KEY. I use to be huge on using Germ X and sanitizers, but there is no feeling in the world that can compare to washing your hands with good old soap and water! I became so OCD any of my co-workers would tell you that, "Linda, started bringing her hand soap from her house to work." I kept my hand soap by my register and washed my hands after every few customers. Working at a gas station helped me realize the importance of looking out for my health and as well as the health of others too. You never know whose money been there and it is important to wash your hands ten times an hour. (Well, that's what I did.)

4. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, Well The Shift Go By Easier.

I know that not all gas stations have more than one worker on a shift, but at the particular gas station that I worked at there were more than sometimes two people on a shift. I learned the value of being a true team player and understanding the value of hard work. Wearing your emotions on your sleeve doesn't help tasks get done or you progress through a shift. You have to be someone who wants to work with others to make a work day go by.

5. Gambling, Tobacco & Alcohol Addictions Are Real

You will learn this in due time. I won't elaborate on this.

6. Never Expect Anything The Unexpected Will Happen

Don't ever expect for people to place their money in the palms of your hands. Never expect for people to pick up after themselves. Never expect for people to treat you with respect. Never expect for people to care about your hard work or even appreciate it. People will expect for you to know what their car looks like and what pump they are on, while you are catering to other customers too. The list goes on.

7. You Are More Than Just A Store Associate You Are A Custodian

I had my fair shares of cleaning toilets/urinals, detailing gas pumps in all types of weather, cleaning window ledges, and some of the most disgusting things sites. This job truly humbled me sooo much. I have so much respect for people who clean behind themselves and respect me for the work I do. I was practically getting paid to be custodian who was disrespected by not only customers, but a few times I was disrespected by my shift managers. The feeling of being frowned upon because I was doing the work that my shift leader once did before they got into their position, really rubbed me the wrong way too. There were hardly ever days that I went home with a clean pair of pants. This job helped me find my inner strength to speak up for myself and to stop letting people walk all over me. 

In my next post, I will truly give you guys more insight on why I decided to leave the gas station job behind me. Of course, I learned more than just these seven things, but these are lessons and tips that can help someone else. 

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  1. I will miss your beautiful smile. I wish you the best in what ever god has in store for you. Love your blog.

    1. Awww shucks! I will miss making you smile! Thank you so much! And thanks for even checking out my blog too!

  2. I don't know why it has me unknown.