What would you do if you knew that you would not fail? Better yet, what would you do if you knew you would learn a great deal from it, from failing? I understand that failing forward sounds weird to some of y’all; however, it has helped countless people to thrive.

Failing forward is about having the ability to leverage your mistakes while making a realistic assessment of risks. Failing forward also helps you to have the ability to live with the downside and experiment with new approaches. Here are five ways that failing forward can benefit you.

1. Have no regrets.

Some studies say that many humans' time on this planet averages 30,000 days―an alarmingly small number that made me be startled by this. I have learned to value each day, and I am determined to make every second count. I practice gratitude daily

It's surprising how something as simple as being committed to achieving your goals, big or small, can help you look forward to achieving them. The secret lies in consistency and faith in yourself to whatever you put your mind and passion in.

Go after what you want. Take risks (calculated, of course); be aware that every risk can result in a failure. Live without the regrets of your past and move forward without any hesitation.

2. Give yourself a reality check.  

This can be tough for many people to do when it comes to failure. Can one truly admit that they have failed? When I first started blogging, I had launched a gossip blog called Gossip In Da' Gumbo. I wanted the success behind the stories, but I was not willing to destroy any celebrity’s reputation to be popular. I made the decision that I would stop gossip blogging after it became draining and unrewarding. It was the best decision I made towards creating this blog and rebranding myself. I gave myself a reality check that no one else needed to

I now have a much positive blog, mindset, and thinking. Gossip blogging was not for me, no matter how much money I was making monthly in my early twenties from doing it. I wanted to make a positive impact without destroying others.

3. Be a strategist, not the victim

Placing your all into a project, business, or creation can leave you with all sorts of feelings. Stepping step out of our comfort zone can bring us to new horizons. It’s not always the plan that goes wrong. It could be as simple as correct your strategy and or approach.

Break down the situation to see where you went wrong. Try to establish a system in place to prevent those errors from occurring again. A mistake is not always the result of a lack of effort. You’re not the victim. You are the strategist who’s willing to grow from their mistakes.

4. Readjust your focus.  

You must decide what aspects of life and business are most important to you, get them running smoothly, and allow your forward movement to fall into place. Get into the habit of having clear daily and weekly intentions for your life, brand, and even business. Whenever you know what you want out of your day and have an approach, your focus is clearer. You know what you need to accomplish.

5. Every day is a new day to learn

There is always a lesson to be had, and failure is one of our greatest teachers. I have learned that it pays to be open to every experience as an opportunity to learn something new. The faster and harder you fail, the less likely you are afraid you become better. Experience can teach you things that can help nurture and grow you.

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