God Will Make You Laugh!

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Motherhood requires sacrifice. You learn to let go of anything and anyone that can hinder you from creating precious moments with your child or children. I was afraid to become a stay at home mom because I was always told to be independent.

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I was taught to go out there into the real world and work. I did just that, worked. Bust my ass on jobs as if I had a child at home to feed because I was used to never having many nice things. I wasn’t used to having things to call my own growing up. I kept my head up, and my passion fueling me to grind.

I also was taught that love will find you one way or another. Love embraced my soul and covered my spirit, and I settled down right after high school. At 20 years old,  I had married my then-boyfriend/fiancĂ© at a local courthouse and had moved from my hometown.

I wasn’t pregnant at the time. I was in love and knew that I wanted to build with my best friend and husband for a lifetime. I wanted my marriage to blossom. No one around me that I interacted with had a healthy, thriving marriage. Never did I want a fairy tale; I just wanted a realistic and refreshing happily ever after. Plus, I wanted my husband and me to bring our children into the world with a strong foundation.

I thought that by 27, I would have graduated from college with my bachelor's degree in English. I thought that I would have pursued a career in teaching while traveling during the summers. I thought a little too much. My expectations for 27 years old me at 20 aren’t a reality yet. Here I am. I made it without that degree. I’m in college as a full-time online student studying Sociology. I’m still feeling my way through my late twenties with my little one along my side.

I do a little YouTube content here and there and blog. I mind my business, attend church services when I can, and live without regrets.

I’m eager to keep going. I’m eager to succeed. My husband and I are still building an even stronger foundation built on Christ. I have learned that what I wanted and depicted my life to be back then had God laughing.

God could have been like, “Now Linda, you just need to wait, but since you want to plan your life to a T, here’s this plot twist.” 

Plot twist indeed, God! The joke was on me all along. 

God’s the best comedian that has ever lived. The way  He can watch and see how we behave as His children at times must be comical!

I still have dreams and a whole lot of goals as a  mother. Motherhood didn’t slow me down. Motherhood increased my willingness to trust God. Motherhood gave me the motivation to never stop reflecting on my own childhood.

I envision a much better life for my son and future children than ever growing up in poverty. I reflect daily on how much of a blessing it is to not raise my son alone and in a two-parent household. I never had a father or a father figure. I never met my father. My mama said he was deceased before I was born. I don’t know the truth. I’m not sure how it would rest upon my heart.

All I know is that I want whatever God wants for me. I want whatever God wants for my marriage and child.

I’m determined to never lose sight of his love and plan for my life. At times we can get distracted and even frustrated with the timing of our blessings. Just know that God will give you the desires of your heart even when you don’t plan for it. Keep holding on to God's hand!

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