These past few days and weeks have been heavy. I have learned to put them down and push them away on a boat. I envision my troubles being carried away to sea as I wave goodbye with a smile. I have learned that it takes more energy to hold onto pain and frustration than what it takes to find methods to let it go. There are people who cannot handle the truth once it’s spoken. Those are the same people then find fault in the one who’s willing to speak it. 

Photo by DISRUPTIVO on Unsplash

Over the weekend, I have had two mental breakdowns. One break down consistent with self-doubt and frustration. My husband comforted me and spoke over me in prayer. I realized that I needed to cry. I needed to feel weak in order to get a grip back on who I know I am and who I was becoming as a woman. I can also recall just a week ago when I talked to God about the next level in life he’s preparing me for. 

I told God that I’m ready for the challenge and that I can handle whatever and whoever you’re bringing me in contact with. Little did I know God was ready to snap his fingers the next weekend and it was showtime for me. I felt so caught off guard, but eager to stand my ground. I don’t feel defeated. In fact, I feel empowered to keep ongoing. Whenever you are faced with situations or people that come within your path to throw you off course it’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to feel unsure of how you want to approach the situation or individual(s). You are worthy of having peace mentally and physically. You are worthy of growth. God did not create you to fear anything or anyone in this world. Give yourself enough grace to stand strong in your strength. Give yourself enough grace to push forward. It won’t be easy, however, it will be worth it. You're going to be alright!

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