Friday, April 21, 2017

Simple Ways To Ensure That You Nailed Your Interview

No matter if you are landing a better job or even a higher position at a company you deserve to be the very best at your interview as you know you can be. After all, you know your worth. Having your head on straight and a few other things can lead you in the direction for Acing your interview.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Things You Should Be Doing With Your Mental Health

I decided to create this post because I struggle with my mental health from time to time. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager. As a teenager with ADHD it was very difficult for me to focus in school and while just completing simple tasks. It took a lot of praying, counseling, and medication to keep me afloat. Today, I feel like I am still a work in progress. If you are someone you know is struggling with their mental health than this post is for you and even them. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weeks 10-12 Of My Pregnancy | Dear Baby Hurd

Dear Baby Hurd, 

I still am thanking God for your life every day. These past two weeks have really been going great for me and your father. In the last letter that you read from me, I told you that your father and I was going through a difficult time with seeing eye to eye. I can now say that we have truly moved passed the bitter sweetness that affected us weeks ago. Mama’s hormones are getting back to normal. I am still a major emotional being as your father always jokes about, however things have been solid.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear God, I Surrender All

God, I just want to thank you for blessing and equipping me with everything that I need to bring more people closer to you and to carry out the will that you have for my life. I wanted to let you know that these past few weeks have been difficult for me. I found myself in a deep place of sadness. I had no true reason to even want to take a photo of myself. It took me digging deep this week to break out of the place. These past few weeks have truly showcased a lot for me to realize. The more I took the time to really think about how much my life had and still is changing; I break down in tears. Tears of happiness, tears of relief, and still some of those tears are tears of sadness.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Powerful Quotes About Life Lessons Learned From Famous Black Intellectuals

Discovering an amazing quote can really trigger your motivation to strive for better and beyond whatever you was once reaching for. I always have been a fan of deep quotes that can teach and enlighten me. As a black woman I truly find strength within the words of other black famous leaders, heroes, and intellectuals.

It is important that more of the black youth and minority is guided by very unshakeable adults who can teach, lead, and guide them in the right direction too. Here are a few of my favorite powerful quotes about life lessons from black intellectuals.