Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Weeks 26-31 Of My Pregnancy | Dear Baby

Dear Baby Eli, 

I am now 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant with you. You are now about 16 inches long and possibly almost 4 pounds. So far, I have been remaining prayed up and loving every moment we share together. Just last week we had our very first maternity photo shoot! You gave me a very special glow that truly shown on our photos. Let me tell you son, you were kicking up a storm whenever I was wearing a bright red ballroom gown type tutu. I kept poking you back to let you know that I know you love being in front of the camera as much as mama do. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Useless Arguments | The Vent

I remember sharing with you all about my falling out with my little sister. I also talked about how rekindled friendships that I choose to reinvest in came out being a horrible idea. Even though the idea was horrible I somehow manage to find peace within myself to seriously let the spark that I choose to relight, die down within a few weeks. 

I thought that I could have a replacement for the void of not having that “friend” or “trusted family member” to vent to. During the months of March through July, I really had to take the time to mentally get use to not reaching for my phone to call or even text anyone for advice or even conversation. You see I had I to reprocess in my mind that I was no longer a friend to any of the folks that “I labeled myself to be.” I was just an asset. An asset that choose not to become a useless argument.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Purse Essentials To Have With You | Stay Ready

What’s amazing about every girl and her purse is what she chooses to carry! It doesn’t matter what name brand she chooses to sport at all. It’s all about what’s in her bag! I decided that it would be super beneficial to create this list of essentials that I not only carry in my purse, but to spark some ideas of a few things that you may be even missing. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

God Speaks To You Through Your Dreams | Prayer Against Setbacks

Ever since a child, I had very vivid dreams. Dreams and even nightmares that I would wake up from with my thoughts all over the place. Just last night, I had another recurring dream of me being back in my childhood home. Dreaming of being in my childhood home is a dream that has come from the spirit of set-back. In my dreams, I am either back in my childhood home or placed in a classroom at my primary school that brought me so much pain when I was going there.