Monday, October 14, 2019

15 Bible Verses for Emotional & Spiritual Healing | KJV

It can be difficult to be uplifted emotionally when your world seems to be all thrown out of place. I have dealt with the feelings of hopelessness, anger, and confusion many times in my life. You are not weak because you have panic attacks. 

You are not weak because you feel as if you are under some sort of spiritual attack. For God knows that you yearn for his protection, love, and clarity. I wanted to share with you 15 bible verses for emotional and spiritual healing. Leaning and giving your emotions, circumstances, and worries to the Lord is key to healing. Let’s get into these healing scriptures! (I study and read the KJV of the Holy Bible feel free to use the version you prefer.)

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

30 Self Care Activities for When You Are Short on Time

Time sometimes can feel as if it is not on your side. You can put off daily and even weekly. If you are a serious procrastinator then you can put off for months at a time. Pssst… no judgment from my corner of the universe. However, you can always try to squeeze in a simple self-care activity to uplift you. Do not overthink it. It should not require a lot of money nor effort to make yourself smile. 

Monday, October 7, 2019

There Is Nothing Like Having Your Own

I still can vividly recall the day when the landlord to my husband and I very first apartment placed the keys in the palm of my hand. I felt empowered. I felt overjoyed. It was a feeling of victory. Seeing my name on the lease and turning the knob to a place that I could call home felt great.